Thursday, June 2, 2016

A-ads affiliate program: create affiliate link in less than 30 seconds

We share 50% of fees collected from advertisers with our affiliates that attracted them. We paid out over 44 btc in over 85 thousands of rewards (all are public and transparent).
Everybody can participate in our affiliate program, you don't even need to have a web site neither a user account to do it.

1. Click "Earn" in our top menu:

2. Select any ad unit type (if you don't plan to embed our ad unit anywhere, then select "affiliate"):

3. If you are in a hurry then just scroll down to withdraw parameters, click "Bitcoin address", paste your bitcoin address and click "Create ad unit":

That's it, notice your affiliate link!

Share your affiliate link with potential advertisers and get 50% of fees collected from ads that they create with it.

Note: for your own convenience it is recommended to sign up before creating your affiliate link (in that case on step 3 choose to withdraw to your user account).