Monday, April 25, 2016

Support system

We've integrated the Zendesk's support widget. It appears on the bottom-right of the browser window on every page.

Hopefully it will help us to improve the communication with our customers.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Results of the 1-week experiment: A-ADS is more cost-efficient for advertisers

We’ve conducted a one-week experiment: created identical advertising campaigns to promote our service at 3 major bitcoin advertising networks (including with the daily budget of 0.01 btc per campaign. Here are the results:
Competitor 1
Competitor 2
Clicks reported by the ad network
Clicks reported  by
Visitors clicked “Create ad” on our site
22 (4.7%)
11 (2.1%)
12 (1.8%)
Visitors converted into paying advertisers
Visitors converted into publishers
4 (0.8%)
3 (0.6%)
2 (0.3%)
Cost of attracting a publisher
0.018 btc
0.023 btc
0.035 btc
Ad units created by the attracted publishers

It looks like our advertising network is significantly more cost-efficient for advertisers than its competitors.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Returned 20% back to the campaigns' balances in order to compensate the downtime

Yesterday we had an issue with our SSL certificate that made our service unavailable for almost 4.75 hours (or ~20% of the day).

It didn't affect publishers' earnings, but it negatively affected the running advertising campaigns. So we sent 20% of yesterday's advertising spendings back to the campaigns' balances in order to compensate that.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for inconvenience.

Monday, October 26, 2015

New feature: dashboard for our users (publishers and advertisers)

We've deployed a new feature - user dashboard. It allows the user to control their ad units and campaigns in a single place.

Advertisers can see their campaigns and adjust their daily budgets without leaving the page. They can also deposit bitcoins to their user accounts (no need to fund individual campaigns any more).

Users' funds are being used to automatically top up their campaigns with respect to their daily budgets (daily budgets for old inactive campaigns have been set to zero).

Since we don't want to hold large amounts of users' money indefinitely, we withdraw them automatically according to the following rule:

    there were no deposits during the last 30 days AND 
    there were no withdrawals during the last 24 hours AND
    user's balance is higher than the expected monthly expenses
    withdraw the difference between the user's balance and the expected monthly expenses.

Automatic withdrawals occur only when the amount to be withdrawn is higher than the withdrawal threshold defined in the settings page.

Users can also withdraw all funds by clicking the button "Withdraw all funds". The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 btc.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Long waited features: optional user accounts, pooled withdrawals, max captcha rate

Optional user accounts

Since 2011 we were resistant to add user accounts to Anonymous Ads because it is somehow against the user-agnostic nature of our service. However for the sake of convenience we decided to gradually rebuild our system.

Few days ago we deployed a change that enables our users to get registered at Anonymous Ads.

It is optional: publishers and advertisers can still use our service without registration. But if they want - they can get registered and sign in with login and password now.
For users that signed in via Bitcoin signatures in the past we automatically created user accounts and linked them to ad units and campaigns with corresponding bitcoin address.

We don't require email address upon registration, but if you choose to specify it - please use the one that you don't mind to publish, we don't want to hold others' secrets. Also please note that your email address can be used to recover access to your account.

Pooled withdrawals

Before we introduced user accounts, ad units were autonomous: they had separate balances and withdrawal from a certain ad unit could happen only after its balance hits the withdrawal threshold (of 0.0001 btc by default).

Thus if a publisher had 2 ad units, each with 0.00009 btc (0.00018 btc in total), there was no easy way to withdraw this money.

Nothing changed in this regard unless a publisher creates ad units from his/her user account.

Earnings of ad units that are linked to some user account, get accumulated on that user's balance and then withdrawn automatically when it hits the user's withdrawal threshold.

Thus publishers withdrawals can happen more often (and their wallets - less fragmented).

Max captcha rate

By introducing the captchas about a month ago we filtered out ~90% of our clicks as non-human.

Captchas are being displayed upon ad click with a probability that depends on ad unit's performance (for ad units that generate fake clicks captchas are being displayed more often).

But some publishers didn't like this solution, so we decided to make it optional for them and let the market decide whether captchas are required at all.

Publishers can set the Max captcha rate of their ad units, e. g. they can specify that no more than X% of clicks should be verified with Captcha.

Advertisers can specify that they want at least Y% of clicks to be verified by captchas.

If X < Y then ad unit doesn't fit the targeting criteria of the advertiser.

So publishers are interested to set X to 100% in order to get more advertising budgets and advertisers are interested to set Y to 0% in order to get a higher conversion for their money.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

New feature: Captcha rate for advertisers

Since we are not pay-per-click advertising network, fake clicks don't affect advertisers' expenses. But they distort advertisers' statistics, that is why we implemented a new feature that enables our advertisers to filter out bot generated clicks via captcha.

Advertisers can specify the Captcha rate for their campaigns:

The default value is 0, but if you want to check all the visitors before they arrive to your site, you can set it to 100%.

Although some people might refuse to pass the captcha, we don't expect significant decrease of conversion since this kind of captcha is usually easy to pass. Here is how it looks like:
We expect a significant decrease of unique clicks registered by our servers because they will be filtered out by captchas.