Thursday, June 15, 2017

Introducing CPM bids - a new way to buy traffic at A-Ads

Unlike other advertising networks we neither use JavaScript nor cookies in our banners which means that our means of fending fake traffic off are limited. This is why we were reluctant to implement CPM and only offered a less traditional payment model where advertisers spend the money at the chosen pace and get a share of impressions, regardless of their quality and quantity.

However due to a popular request we've decided to offer a CPM-based advertising as well.

Along with our normal mode of operation we are now introducing CPM bids in order to give you a flexibility in managing your budget and controlling your expenses.

You can choose either "Daily budget" or the "CPM" model in the simplified campaign creation interface.

You are free to use both models at the same time -- see the "Budget" tab in your campaign's settings.

CPM bids allow you to pay exactly what you want for the number of impressions that you want. Bids are paid upfront from the advertising campaign budget (it may take a few minutes before the bid changes its state to "Funded").

Please note that we do not guarantee the quality of the traffic that you receive -- we only ensure that you get the wanted number of impressions generated by unique IP addresses in the scope of your advertising campaign.

Mind that if the price of the traffic is higher than your bid then you may never receive your impressions. You can cancel your bid any time and the remaining funds will be returned to your campaign (it may take a few minutes).