Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why is Anonymous Ads good for advertisers?

No registration

You don't need to spend your time entering useless data about yourself, and we can't leak it or spam you. Just find or create an ad, start a campaign and deposit money (bitcoin only).

Cheap traffic

Yes, we have lots of cheap traffic. Often bitcoin-related traffic. Sometimes insanely cheap traffic. And yet it generates sales.

Wide coverage

We have thousands of sites and serve ads to ~1M globally unique IPs daily. You may receive more traffic than we show on your campaign's stats page since we show only globally unique IPs there.

Predictable expenses

Set your daily budget, we'll distribute them among ad units with respect to their traffic and your targeting.
Your expenses depend on you, amount of traffic you receive depends on market situation.

Don't pay for fake clicks

We are not pay-per-click or pay-per-impression network. Publishers don't have financial incentive to fake clicks and you don't pay for them.


You can see our global stats, stats of other advertisers, stats of ad units. We have nothing to hide.


You have control over your advertising campaign. Advertise everywhere, or limit your campaign to particular categories, sites, ad units. Track and ban ad units you don't like.

Goal tracking and Affiliate marketing

You can track which campaign and ad unit brought a visitor to you. You can reward efficient ad units for buyers they attracted (thus increasing your share of their impressions). If you do so, you will be listed here thus creating additional incentive for publishers to show your ads and share your links.


Please don't advertise scams, or you may loose your money.