Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to get cheap traffic with Anonymous Ads?

Currently our average CPM is quite low, it is ~0.0002 btc (~0.12 usd) per 1000 of unique IPs. So you are quite likely to receive a lot of cheap traffic unless you restrict yourself to a subset of overpriced ad units or set an inadequately high daily budget.

If you want to run a massive advertising campaign and get as much traffic as possible for cheap, here is a simple scenario for you:

1. Add "All traffic" to your campaign

2. Set Quality range to [0..1]

3. Set daily budget to 0.015 btc/day (~10 usd/day), deposit 0.15 btc (for 10 days)

4. Get cheap traffic! And remember to come back in 10 days since we have no means to notify you about depleted balance.

In this scenario you get a share of traffic of every publisher of Anonymous Ads. Perhaps you'll receive a lot of bot traffic, but it doesn't mean you won't receive real visitors too. Make sure your site handles the load (if it doesn't - reduce the daily budget).

Please see the stats of one of our advertisers that follows this strategy:
Just couple days ago this advertiser received 15M impressions from over 250K IPs and 7K clicks from 3K IPs per day for only ~10 usd! Numbers fluctuate, but the average CPM is still several times (or orders of magnitude) lower than in other advertising networks.

But you can get even cheaper traffic if you want.

Currently ~20% of our traffic is non-English (Chinese, Spanish, Russian, etc), but we almost don't have non-English advertisers. Hence advertising campaigns in those languages may generate even cheaper, almost free traffic.

Warning regarding traffic price

Please note that Anonymous Ads doesn't guarantee any specific CPM. You may expect a certain value, but it may fluctuate significantly, it may even became insanely high. More bitcoins advertisers spend - higher the CPM. More traffic publishers generate - lower the CPM. Traffic price depends on targeting and market conditions.

Warning regarding ad moderation policy

Please abstain from advertising scam sites, or you may loose your money.