Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A 10x increase of the default withdrawal threshold

Dear A-ads users,

For security reasons we don't want to keep your money for a long time. That's why once your earnings hit the configurable withdrawal threshold, we send them to your bitcoin address automatically (on a daily basis).

The default withdrawal threshold used to be BTC 0.0001 (10 thousand satoshi) but due to increased bitcoin transaction fees caused by the limited blockchain capacity we decided to increase it to BTC 0.001 (100 thousand satoshi).

You still have the ability to set the minimum withdrawal threshold to BTC 0.0001 however you must keep in mind that if you want to receive many tiny transactions it might be very expensive for you to spend them later. E. g. if your spending transaction has hundreds of inputs, it may require a fee of about $30 worth of bitcoins.

Despite our desire to withdraw funds as soon as possible if bitcoin fees continue to rise we may be obliged to adjust our withdrawal policy.