Sunday, August 10, 2014

Why am I not paid for clicks? What is unique impressions? How do I earn more?

I have generated so many clicks, why am I not paid for them?

We are not pay-per-click or pay-per-impression network. We just allocate advertiser's money on publishers' ad units with respect to their unique impressions.

Advertisers get a share of impressions from ad unit in proportion to amount of money spent on it (see how it works on ad unit's campaign page, e. g.:

What is unique impression?

Unique impression is an impression generated from IP address that is unique in the scope of the whole advertising network during a day.

If a site visitor saw any a-ads banner anywhere today, s/he can't generate a unique impression till tomorrow. If there are several ad units on the same page, only one of them can receive a unique impression (the one that loads first).

The average ratio of unique/non-unique impressions is about 1:50 currently, but it varies greatly from site to site. Most impressions are not unique but it is not important since all publishers are in equal position.

If your site generates unique impressions daily then you get a share of expenses of our advertisers and display their paid ads.

Otherwise we display affiliate ads for free and you get paid only when they attract customers to Anonymous Ads or its advertisers.

How do I earn more?

Put your ad unit on a visible place. If your ad unit has a reasonable CTR then it is likely to earn more. Moreover every ad unit has "Your ad here" link that may increase your income.
Every publisher that attracts paying advertisers receives half of the fees collected from them (see them in the ad unit's rewards tab, e. g.:

You can put many ads on the same page if you want, but as explained above, it won't automatically increase your income.

However it might increase your income if you attract paying customers to Anonymous Ads or its advertisers.