Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Changes in fees, withdrawals and referral payments

We reduced and simplified fees. There is no 20% deposit fee and no withdrawal fees anymore. We take only 20% of advertisers' expenses as fees.

E. g. if advertiser's daily budget is 0.01 btc, then we send 0.008 btc to publishers and take 0.002 btc as a fee.

If advertiser registers a goal of 0.01 btc, then we send 0.01 btc to publisher and charge additional 0.0025 btc as a fee.

Thus no matter how advertisers spend their money, our cut is 20%. And we share a half of it with publishers that refer advertisers.

Our referrers don't get 10% of deposits from referred advertisers anymore, but they get half of the fees collected from them daily. That is about the same amount unless advertisers decide to withdraw unspent funds.

Yes, advertisers can withdraw unspent funds now.